Rocket Dogs was created out of necessity to be shared with everyone and detach from our phones. It seems like the new card and board games coming out these days are rushed and half a****. They rely on the shock factor of including raunchy material in their games or just pure randomness aimed at today's trends. Intelligence is supposed to be sexy and should be admired. Join us and our pilots in this great space race. 

Randy Fuchs 

Randy Fuchs was born, raised, and resides in Houston Texas. Randy spent most of his life taking things apart just to see how it worked. In his early teens he was given a Camero to build and learn all the eliminates of  an automobile. Knowing how the complexities of a car worked at such a young age this instilled the desire to under stand the why and how. This has lead him to be known as a jack of all trades. He can be seen creating or building his imaginations, whether its a cabin in the woods, a V8, or artistic endeavors, you can always find Randy tinkering with something. Randy's tinkering has leveled up to entrepreneurship as his creations are becoming wanted. Teaming up with Dennis this duo hammered out Rocket Dogs with many sleepless nights as the possibilities became endless. With the game becoming a instant hit with their peers Randy has shifted all focus to this new endeavor to share with the world. 


Dennis Crellen 


Dennis Crellen was born in Houston Texas, where he currently resides. Dennis has traveled all over the country and always comes back to Houston. After many travels he has worked towards being a full time entrepreneur. Known as the master of coins to his friends, co-workers, and family members. He is self taught and has many investments and always finds a sweet deal. He has been involved in many startups such as Illuminated Minds and Kangaroo Tales. In his spare time he is always seeking the next "big thing" and puts forth effort to pursue it. Growing up a gamer from Doom to Diablo as well as board games and card games like Magic the Gathering he knew one day he would be involved in creating his own game. One of his biggest feats yet was creating Rocket Dogs with Randy, a game we loved and his friends could not get enough of.


Alex lee 


Alexander T. Lee was born in Philadelphia and currently resides in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, with his wife Yu Yuan and their son Julian and daughters Caitlyn and Kara. He graduated from the University of Arts in 2002 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration. After graduation, he enlisted in the US Navy and served four years on the submarine, USS Jacksonville, as a computer technician.  As he has been honorably discharged from the US Navy, he began to pursue his lifelong dream of illustrating children’s books.  He works as a freelance illustrator and designer.

Furthering his studies, he graduated from Delaware County Community College in 2010 with an Associate in Applied Science in Graphic Design.


alpha team 

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